1902 : Manufacture de Soies Artificielles creation.

1926 : MSeparation of the production plant from the other part of the Company, it will become Moulinage et Retorderie de l’Oise ( MERO ).

1929 : In July of this year purchase of the company MERO by Marcel Theard.

1950 : MERO invests in 1500 m² of new buildings to continue its development.

1964 : Michel Theard takes the succession of the business and continues its development and activities diversification toward the twisting of technical textile yarns.

1995 : MERO takes a new turn in its development by investing in braiding.

2000 : Sophie Theard succeeded to his father in the business since 1990 and continues as in the past to innovate in new areas such as multi end wounds resulting in investments of new production equipments.

2010 : MERO invests in a new warehousing building of 400 m².